Gita and old movies :)

During her school holiday, I take Gita at work. While I am working, she will paint or read or draw or watch movie on She prefers the last option, for sure. At the first time, she was into Barbie’s thingies. Then she got bored, asked me: “What else I can watch?”. Sooooo, I introduced her to an old movie I like. I watched this movie when I was in junior high school: Adventure in babysitting (1987). She loved it. After she finished that movie, she asked me for another movies. I showed her Annie, the movie (1982)’s triller. She wanted to give a try, and yes – she loved it even more and started to sing the soundtracks again and again and again. Then she said: “Wow, you watched lots of awesome movies, Bu! You never told me before! Cool!”. Today, she asked me for another sugestion. I played her The Adventure of Tom Sawyer (1973). Again, she is enjoying it soooooo much. Just before I wrote this post, she said to me: “What another old movie you have, Bu? I want to watch them all!”

I have ET The Extra Terrestrial, The Huck Finn Adventure, The Man and The Sea, The Abyss, and tons of wonderful “old” movies, Dear πŸ™‚

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