Hari ibu, a late post.

Every December 22 people in Indonesia celebrate mother’s day or Hari Ibu. On that day, I had just a bit watery eyes of missing my mum sooo. Gita saw that and asked what was happening. I said to her about this Hari Ibu (in Australia, we already celebrated Mother’s Day months ago). Then she made me a card for Hari Ibu.

Ibu, what ever you are – I still love you.
When you are an (a) monster, goest (ghost), (a) friend, or a dog – I still love you.
What ever you are – I still love you.

Titut: How do you know that’s me – if I were a ghost?
Gita: Because, it would look like you. I know!
Titut: And what about if I were a monster?
Gita: It would look like you too. *Oh, thank you Gita*
Titut: And how do you know that a dog was me?
Gita: Oh, it would be a talkactive dog – like Underdog (that’s a movie). Your voice as a dog would be still your voice.

I wish I could write the same to my mum. I love you, Mum.


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