I think, my heart is in need to love, to give love – or, at least to fall in love.
Now my brain is trying to recall faces and names – you know, targeting someone that my heart can possibly fall in love with.
Hhhmm I don’t think my brain found one.
I can tell that my heart feels like of having great desire, but unable to perform it. Yes, kind of impotence.
I know that deep within the corner of my heart, it keeps a face with a name.
Yet I think my brain keeps convincing my heart to forget that face, that name – or at least to make itself numb.
Because both my heart and my braind, they know – that name, that face is something impossible.
I better had ask my faith.
But I do agree, we all have to blame things on my awareness.
That it was working with no mindful of relationship.
It should have been not just aware, but mindful.

I miss you.
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