When Gita reads (a book)

I took a note of Gita during her reading. Always, she took a while after one sentence: stop her reading. At the first time I thought she had problem, so I cut the stop by reading the first word of the next sentence, which then encouraged her to keep going with her reading. It happened repeatedly. Until one day, I started to understand 🙂

It happened (again) today. She was reading Realy, realy Pearlie (Wendy Harmer, 2007). When she was up to this page, she made three stops.

“The four fat (1) frogs agreed. They had seen the baby too. ‘Yesterday he threw that same rattle into the water, ‘said the biggest frog (2). ‘It fell right on my head, ‘said another. ‘Erk! Look at the bump (3) it gave me!’

After the first stop (1) —> very long stop! She talked to herself: “No! They are not fat! Hmmmm *She then checked the picture of four frogs one more time*, then asked me: “Do you think they are fat? I don’t think so.”

After the second stop (2), she talked to herself: “I think this is the biggest frog (pointed the picture of one of the frog). See, Bu! He is the biggest one, bigger than the other frogs.” – then after awhile she continued “Owww!! I knowwww!!!! It should have said four big frogs, instead of four fat frogs. You know Bu, big is not fat.”

After the third stop (3): “Wowwww! Look at that! Ouch that must hurt! It must have been a very big rattle.”

Making stops was not because she didn’t know how to read. It is (always) because she enjoys her reading soo much.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself (Wayne Dyer)


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