As false as Cressid #1

It was when I wanted to write something about cyber infidelity, I had an interesting conversation with my friend – something about that issue. He told me recently a chat friend gave him the boot, a friend he had been flirting since months ago. He said the other day she said she is very horny. Therefore, cyber-jokingly, so he told her to go out and deal with it. This lady, then, accused him of calling her a slut. My friend told me he did not mean her to take it that way but has not heard from her since.

Listening to his story, my logic is darting the fact of living cyberspace. “Ancient” famous saying about being online: “On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog.” (Peter Steiner). But, reading Mary Chayko’s Portable Communities – I believe – those who are living online will aggree (at least, I do!), that out there in cyberspace is a real world, especially in term of what feeling you feel by interacting with ‘behind-keyboar-persona’: you smile reading emails from friends, you get upset of reading your lover’s facebook status, you felt butterflies yahoo-messengering with someone special, you got relieved skyping with your parents. In my friend’s case, his chat friend was very horny while they were yahoo-messengering. Have you ever felt one of those feelings? Haha :p

For me, it is crystal clear cyberspace offers us both presence and absence, both fake reality and real fake, both to become personal human and personal cyborg, both danger and savety, both pleasure and emotional distress, both power and impotency, both independence and slavery. There you are, being illiterate by mixing them up, I mean only see one side of each – we will get lost in our own thoughts 🙂

When somebody flirt with you online *well, sure I know how wonderful it feels especially when it comes from somebody you are comfortable with behind the keyboard*, should we consider it as what? Well, don’t you think that feelings from cyber romance are some kind of irrelevant? Well, I mean – it is real but at the same time we know it is not. Well, I was thinking to write: “as soon as you finished your cyber flirting or cyber romance, you have to pull the plug – and drain the swamp. Don’t let the flood wash you away or put too much pressure on yourself by hoping your cyber relationship will turn into ‘real’ relationship. Oh, well – I do not say that it is something impossible. There are many people out there are against my opinion, then will reply: “SURE IT IS VERY POSSIBLE”. Hmmm yes, it is – by luck which is uneasy. Or, perhaps – don’t let your feeling drown you out until you meet your flirting-chat-friend in person. Then after that, think about or see if there any possibilities to develop your relationship into next stage.

But hey, wait. I have also another issue, which is amazed me soooo much so far: cyber infidelity. WHat do you think about that? Hmmm I had better write it onto next post :p


3 thoughts on “As false as Cressid #1

  1. I find your post is really interesting … it’s really match to my real life! Hope to see your next points of views! ^_^

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