Things (always) in my bag

Bunch of keys. Unit’s keys, office’s keys, a locker’s key and turtle keychains.

My wallet. To keep my atm cards, things I desperately need to withdraw money, to keep my SWELL card, thing I need to stamp after I pay for my coffee (every 7 stamps gives me one free coffee), and to to keep my library card, things I need to borrow books and to download articles from the internet.

A traveling bodycream bottle. Don’t forget to keep it always in your bag when you are in Australia. Australian heat gives terrible disaster for your skin.

My Centro mobile phone. To call and to text people, to browse my inbox while on the bus, to note my schedule and to record my weekly meeting. Whoopss, and also to capture accidental moments :p

A text book. Well, most of the time it is waste, but somehow bringing a text book in my bag gives a relieved feeling, avoiding me to feel guilty (specially when I do bushwalking haha).

A camera pocket. I like to take pictures of the clouds, which most of the time tell stories. And, these stories come at any time, so I have to be prepared at any time too.

A pen. Gita loves to draw on restaurant’s napkins. Yes, she is a weirdo to be πŸ™‚ A lovely weirdo.

Adhesive bandages. I have Gita. Well she has excessive energy which makes her an extremely passionate player :p. Accidents could happen anytime.

A bottle of water. I have to, no particular reason.

How about you?

3 thoughts on “Things (always) in my bag

  1. Bener, bener banget, motret langit itu asik… πŸ™‚
    entah kenapa bisa bikin hati adem melihat ciptaan Tuhan yang begitu indah, gak bisa ditiru oleh pelukis terbaik di bumi sekalipun….. 😳

    Lagipula ada lho bidang fotografi khusus untuk memotret langit, lupa namanya… :mrgreen:

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