Last night I stalked on my friend’s facebook, seemed my friend is broken hearted. My friend’s face book page is full with a wave of grief, complains, sobbs, grumbles, sadness, and rage. Well, you know that breakups are usually accompanied by emotional pain. And I think all her posts on facebook display the pain. She is a complete wreck. I can tell that She feels like the world as collapsed be side her.


I am not going to say I’ve never been in the same shoes. Well, I am (or should I say ‘was’ instead). But, oh, you know, no one ever died of a broken heart. Yes, it is despondent, but don’t you think that life is too beautiful to ignore?

Recently, just recently, I was broken hearted. Just for awhile. Then I let go everything. I surrender. I move on. I did everything I could, then surrendered the rest to the universe. I pray. Very loud. Have you ever heard, that the universe is listening? Then I go back enjoying my life. I laugh very loud. I smile everytime. I chat with friends. I play with my daughter. I jog. I eat, lotsa chocolate. I am on diet too. I am now opening my life and heart to every possibility life offers me. Oh. Life is soooooooooooooo beautiful.

Umm Don’t you think, when we let our self engaging deeply to our sadness, tears and sobbs – I will count it into ignoring life. We devote ourselves fully to our broken heart, so that we belittle our beloved family, we exclude our dear friends, and we rubbish ourselves. For those who believe in God, these acts also offend God grievously.

How can we said we believe God as “yang maha”, yet we keep going on with our grievance so that we forget our gratitude for every single precious moments, menjadikan si pembuat patah hati fokus dalam hidup kita. I remember one of my dear friend’s saying at the time I sobbed for my broken heart: “Tuhan itu yang maha membolak balik hati“. Kalau dia mau (this if for those who believe in God), in a blink – you can meet your soulmate to spend the rest of your life with.

Is it that bad, your broken heart? That it beat up life’s thrills? Then you keep feeling sick all the time. You let your body to get sick. You don’t eat. You don’t drink. You don’t sleep. You don’t enjoy your life. You don’t smile. You don’t nurture gratitude. You don’t look after yourself. Then you keep saying that God keeps giving you temptation. Then you keep saying you don’t have any strength anymore to fight (well, not to fight – but to live). Shame on you! Be as tough as old boots, dear. Life is to nice. Life is kind to those who believe πŸ™‚ So, why keep crying? Melipat wajah dan hati. Smile, be pretty, be healthy and you’ll be surprised for someone is waiting for you just around the corner. Have you ever heard about one saying says: If it meant to be, it will be?

I took this meaningful sayings for my friend’s friend.
Ooh … cintamu diabaikan?
Engkau patah hati dan merasa dunia tak berarti lagi.
…Kemudian kau kasihani dirimu dengan ratapan dan air mata, kau rusak kesehatanmu sendiri, yang menjadikanmu tak menarik bagi calon kekasih baru yang lebih baik dan memuliakanmu.

Apa yang membuatmu demikian yakin bahwa tak ada orang lebih baik daripada dia yang telah menyepelekan cintamu?


10 thoughts on “M-E-R-A-N-A

  1. loving yourself is the key to appreciating life πŸ™‚ sometimes I think we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously, you know, handling everything head on and getting fully frustrated and depressed when plans didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted them to be…. I hope your friend will learn to take it easy, Mbak…

    • πŸ™‚ you made the point. gimana orang lain mau cinta/sayang – kalau kita ga cinta/sayang sm diri kita sendiri?

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