It won’t happen

Gita: Are you upset?
Titut: Me? No. Why?
Gita: You look upset, your face
Titut: uummmm no. I am a bit sad
Gita: Do you want to talk about it?
Titut: uummm I am asking God for something that I want it soo much. But I feel now uumm uncertain? Ummm I think I am loosing my faith. I know, I shouldn’t. I don’t know. I am sad.
Gita: Bu, it won’t happen!
Titut: pardon? What do you mean?
Gita: Things you ask from God. It won’t happen.
Titut: *speechless* …… Gita … how could you? How can you say that?
Gita: What? It is true! It won’t happen!
Titut: What if somebody told you that your wish to have birthday party “won’t happen”. What would you feel?
Gita: *silent* I would feel very sad.
Titut: Well, the same here – now.

I know I should not have being brokenhearted – she is just a kid, well but I am brokenhearted now.
Our little conversation just killed my hope.
Well, I was in silent for hours. Gita said sorry. Accepted. But … still I feel soo sad.
Part of her words are soo true. I should move on. Soon. A.S.A.P.


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