Aku sampai!

When Gita was turning 4 a couple years ago, she joined swimming competition. She was the youngest kid at that time, sooo young and sooo little. Every kid by the swimming pool was busying chatting about the competition (lomba). Little Gita eardropped the conversation and asked me:

Gita: Lomba itu apa sih Ibu?
Titut: Artinya kita berusaha untuk sampai di sisi satu lagi dengan secepat-cepatnya.

She won a medal. Instead, when arriving to the other side of the pool, she said rejoycely:

Gita: Ibu! Aku sampai!

Sampai, bukan menang 🙂 She only cared about her enjoyment of participating very well in the competition by reaching the other side of the pool 🙂

It’s that sincere concept of knowing we did our best, regardless of the result. Winning becomes something less important (and also irrelevant) than learning process we go through.

In her blog, Inaya said: “That ambition, praise and wealth won’t get us anywhere. But humility, contemplation and sincerity will bring happiness.” She is soo true.

This event had been elapsed, until I re-visited Inaya’s blog, which recalls everything about lesson Gita gave me. It is not about the result. The process makes me content and complete.


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