Little Things Matter

This morning, I read this article. I can’t agree more with the author.
We tend to value extraordinary moments that happend in our life, and to overlook little things. We adore the time when our child is born, when we land our dream job, when we fall in love, our wedding day. We upset the time when somebody cheat on us, when we lost our job, when we are broken hearted. We ignore the time when we take breath, when we smell nice fragrance, when somebody smile to us.
We neglect the time when our skin is dry, when our body is lack of water, when we don’t smile, when we don’t chew our food properly.
We discriminate our life, especially through how we define our happiness/sadness. We are very particular about how being happy or sad, being content or displeased. We let our mind and heart to coldshoulder little things in our life – and therefore to elate moments in our life unfairly.

This is what Gina Lake says: “The truth is that life—every moment—is precious, sacred. The difference between being happy and at peace with life and not being happy and not at peace is often just a matter of how we view this moment. The difference between being happy and not being happy is not in what you are experiencing, but in the amount of attention and the attitude of preciousness you bring to any moment.”


One thought on “Little Things Matter

  1. I don’t really understand, but why there are the little things and the big thinks? Are we still giving discrimination to the very life itself?

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