Saya heran lho sama kebanyakan orang-orang Indonesia di sini. Seneng bener mau tau urusan orang lain. Saya tau, beberapa dari mereka udah lama ngincer informasi pribadi saya. Sayangnya, selama ini mereka selalu apes. Tapi, sebulan ini rasanya mereka seneng banget tuh – bisa dapat data penting soal saya. Hore.

Heran. Padahal yah, saya tau mereka aja nggak lho dan emang nggak pingin tau. Hari ini ketemu orang-orang aneh di kampus dengan wajah-wajah aneh dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan aneh. Kalau saya jadi mereka, malu tanya hal-hal seperti itu.

There is two types of trespassers. First type is people who violate your physicall property. You can include people who pinch your parking spot, or rape you or steal your things or sneak reading your document to those who violate you physically. The second type of trespasser is they who pinch your personal stories and spread them without your permission. Or, those who enter your personal business without being invited.

I believe every knowledge is important. I also believe every story can be categorized into knowledge. To some extent, I reason gossip as talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature is something as valuable as important knowledge.

BUT, spreading talk of a personal nature to someone else is another thing. What is the use of spreading someone’s personal stories? Do you feel happy and content after doing it? Does it make you feel smarter? Does it give you pleasure and gratification? Are you proud because you think you know more than other people do? Shame on you, wasting your time to spread such kind of trivial knowledge! You should find better knowledge to enrich your life.


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