Love trail

But as we went into the depths of the trees, for each time I turned around I dropped one of your things here and there on the road to mark the way which we were taking. At a certain point, I found I really was alone: you had plucked up enough courage to desert me, had mumbled an excuse and were gone.

Night fell but you did not return. I began to sob bitterly, felt scared but I tried to hide my feelings and comfort myself.

I said to myself “I should not cry! I swear I’ll take myself home even if you don’t come back for me!” Luckily the moon was full that night and I waited till its cold light filtered through the trees.

I said to myself “I’ll get home safely!” Your things gleamed in the moonlight:

a cookie tin,
a toiletry bag,
a toothpaste,
a hanky,
a raincoat,
a mineral water bottle,

and I found my way home, to you.


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