Tittle-tattle #3

We were walking to school, chatting.

Gita: Bu, do you know there is also Gold award. It comes after five of silver awards.
Titut: Ah, realy? How can you get it?
Gita: So, I have to collect five silver awards. Then I should go to Mrs. Audsley *her teacher*, bringing my 5 silver awards.
Titut: Do you think you can get Gold award?
Gita: I do! I have one silver award, and will have another silver award in two weeks time. Three silver awards left.

She even didnt say “I will”, but said “I do” instead – and I found such a beautiful attitude she has.

When I recognize and acknowledge my personal power, I no longer need to feel superior or inferior to anyone else. – Deepak Chopra

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