Tittle-tattle #2


Today was our shopping day. So I went for shopping with Gita, bought her a picture frame pendant. Enthusiastically, she asked me to print one of her pictures tomorrow therefore she can get her picture framed.

Titut: I think I will print my pic instead of yours
Gita: Why? I want my pic, not yours.
Titut: Coz, that is a picture frame pendant. Means, you have to keep a picture from someone you love there. So they can stay close to your heart.
Gita: Who?
Titut: Well, anyone: your boyfriend, your dad, your bestfriend. But coz you haven’t had any boyfriend yet – you can keep mine. Hehehe
Gita: No, I will keep mine. Will keep my boyfriend’s pic later
Titut: HA?
Gita: Well, I will not have boyfriend until I am 11
Titut: WHAT??????
Gita: Eh.. sorry hehehe – I mean 10, not 11
Titut: *pingsan*


3 thoughts on “Tittle-tattle #2

  1. You are sure a “lonely” single Mom in your fate if that is going to happen…

    Ha ha…, worry none is a better sidewalk 😀

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