I, myself, situate “doing PhD” in the circumstances of life training: body strength, emotion management, sincerity to receive the fact of both: i am not ready for this *coz i haven’t known anything* – therefore i am ready, here to learn. A full cup cannot be filled. I do not know, so there is always room for more.

Doing PhD is learning that there is a great difference between fact and truth. Fact is a shadow of truth. Fact is intelligible; but truth is beyond comprehension, for truth is unlimited. It helps me to understand there is nothing wrong to judge and as well as nothing wrong of being judged by others. I become conscious of “to judge” and “being judged” are amazing facts that there is a myriad of point of views: truth is unlimited.

I could not more agree to this saying: The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires – William Arthur Wards. Telling is about words (passive). Explaining is another thing, it offers reasons (passive). Demonstrating is about presenting evidence (passive). Inspiring is about imparting devine strength to take over (active). *then here goes my salutation to Philip Kitley*

PhD is a fancy thing 🙂 It is a time to humiliate yourself, to laugh at your stupidity, to accept that you are nothing, to learn to be clever enough to understand “this is my stand point, that is yours and there is nothing wrong with it”, and to blame yourself of having limited knowledge therefore you want some more!


11 thoughts on “P-h-D

  1. It is a time to humiliate yourself, to laugh at your stupidity, to accept that you are nothing

    I believe for all stages of education, we found the same 😉

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