The QWERTY keboard is inefficient and awkward. This typewriter keyboard takes twice aslong to learn as it should, and makes us work about twenty times harder than is necessary. BUT QWERTY has persisted since 1873, and today unsuspecting indivuduals are being taught to use the QWERTY keyboard, unaware that a much more efficient typwriter keboard is available.” Rogers, 1995 p. 9-10

These comments are what people think about changing QWERTY into DVORAK:

HighRoll3r said: If they ever changed QWERTY, I’d riot

samiam271 said: If I used anything other then QWERTY my head will explode

UoFMich1520 said: no thanks

HAK_Falco said: I would rather not have to learn dvorak

Everette Rogers said that new ideas give feeling of uncertainty for society. I think, then realize – even when we are not talking specifically about “diffusion of innovations”, new ideas always storm us. Uncertainties of new ideas, most of the time, are forms of rejection. We all have a comfort zone where everything feels safe and familiar. We tend to not want to venture beyond it and let ourselves to feel ‘save and sound’ without being challenged. Somehow we are unaware that we have missed experience in personal growth and exciting things. In other words, we enjoy our flat days of stagnancy.

*semoga akhirnya mengerti 🙂


6 thoughts on “QWERTY vs DVORAK

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