Today, after my weekly meeting, I feel improved, relieved, cured, you name it! Smiles keep appearing upon my face. I cannot stop it! When my supervisor told me he satisfied with what I did in my first half of my first chapter, at once my burdens rolled away. I thought I would face another complains from him. Apparently, contrary to my “negative” forecast, I received credit from him. I still cannot believe it. Every bit of 500 words I did every day in these last two weeks have supplied humongous upshot for me to be brave, happy, gratefull, blissful, and to feel alive.

From: endah triastuti []
Sent: Thursday, 22 April 2010 1:36 PM
To: Philip Kitley
Subject: thank you

Dear supervisor,
I thank you so much for today’s meeting.
Somewhat it is encouraging me in the middle of these “blue days” of PhD.
Thank you for giving me credit 🙂

Thank you.
warmth regards,

RE: thank you‏
From: Philip Kitley (
Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2010 8: 35 AM
To: endah triastuti (

Dear Clara, it is enjoyable seeing the chapter coming together, and seeing you getting interested in these things that you thought were uninteresting. I am becoming more demanding, and it’s paying off because it won’t be long before we have a whole draft chapter ….!

Professor Philip Kitley


Hey Bradley, you’re right! After all, the world is full of amazing discoveries! It is a “finding a piece of your favourite chocolate from an assortment box of chocolate” kind of feeling (after I half-bit them all, trying to find my favourite one) hahaha

Thank you God, for your gods of small things today. You have extraordinary intellectual and creative power in creating tears and smiles only in one day *not even in 24 hours!* hehehe


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