On my blue days

This posting is a self reflection on The Blue Day Book (Bradley Trevor Greive)

I feel like I’m floating in an ocean of sadness.
I’m about to burst into tears at any moment and I don’t even know why.
I wake up not feeling my best.
I have a splitting headache,
illogical allergies,
swinging mood,
acute diarrhea,
a slipped disk,
bad breath,
a dodgy feeling,
chronic gas,
stinky toes,
wrinkly face.
Yes, on my blue days, all the while becoming crusty and cynical.

But, I am not going to get depressed. I will not lie down and beg the earth to swallow me up. I know, something blissful are in store just around the corner, waiting for me. As long as I keep walking, even in day-to-day-basis – no matter how slow I am doing it.

“Apa boleh buat Tuhan, bila masa akan datang gelap adanya. Kini, aku tidak bisa berdoa untuk esok hari. Lindungilah hatiku hanya untuk hari ini, berilah aku hari ini perlindunganMu. Berilah aku terang – hanya untuk hari ini saja” (doanya Santa Theresia Kanak2)


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