My Agreements

Where should I start? I mean, I want it would not seem as though this posting was a voice of grumble hehe. Here goes … somebody stole something from me, it was about three weeks ago. Now I cannot get it out of my mind: “kenapa sih?”. I wish, I had never met this person. It is a terrible thing to say, I know, in essence it’s the wish to erase all of the comfortable moments I have shared with this person, in order to spare me from the pain this person have caused me. I can’t hate this person, just can’t. But when I think about this person my eyes start to water. Therefore, I think, I would love to wipe this person out of my life – immediately and permantently. But then, after my moment of silence, I choose not to regardless of something I recalled from my meditation: “Love is always kind, and that kindness make you generous and opens all the doors. Love is generous. Fear is selfish, it is only about me. Selfishness closes all the doors.” – I believe.

I have every right to love, to smile, to be happy, to share my love, and to not be afraid to receive it also
(don Miguel Ruiz, the Four Agreements)


2 thoughts on “My Agreements

  1. Mbak < saya belum melewati fase ini.. mungkin saya masih butuh waktu lagi. (effect putus cinta dgn cara harom)

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