Lately, I’ve been very lost. I feel so hopeless and am thinking to quit. I’ve never imagined life is going to be this tough. I suffer from illogical diseases, starting from head ache, allergies, not including brutal swinging mood, that has victimized my beloved peoples. I sit at the desk, in front of my computer screen, doing things I believe are important, nonetheless, I am starting to become skeptic – and wondering whether I am truly using my brain to THINK, or just having absentminded dreaming while awake.

Today, I sent away emails to Bapak Onno Purbo. I asked many things I didn’t know about new media. I always understand, how bussy this man therefore I’ve never looked forward instant replies from him, though so far his answers satisfy me, always. However, today – only less than one hour – I got his reply. Yes, surely, it gives me enlightenment. But beyond that, it gave me inexplicable feeling of joy and blissful and grateful.

Yes, it is even inexplicable state that suddenly my eyes become moist.

Thank you Pak Onno.

…. and thank you God, for your gods of small things.


18 thoughts on “I-N-E-X-P-L-I-C-A-B-L-E

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