This morning I had morning coffee with Trish, my best friend. She is taking her bachelor in public health nutrition. This smester she is having class nutrition for DISABLE peoples. Then we chatted (and argued) about why people use that term, disable – to name people who, have different appearance.

When I examined one of my students, I remember how she taught me not to call them disable. Refer to the free dictionary, disable [dis·a·ble
tr.v. dis·a·bled, dis·a·bling, dis·a·bles] means to deprive of capability or effectiveness, especially to impair the physical abilities of. Disable [dɪsˈeɪbəl] as verb (tr) also means to make ineffective, unfit, or incapable, as by crippling.

My student showed me that those people, to whom we prejudice as not be able to do things that we as “normal people” can, don’t deserve to be considered as ineffective, unfit, incapable, deprived, invalid, imperfect, even as sin. I thank my student to teach me to see how special they are. I am grateful for her, to offer me another point of view for seing “lack” or “gap”.

I will always remember what she said to me: they are not disable. One thing I can asure you: for them we are disable – coz defenitely we cannot do things they can. If they had chance to get a pair of legs or hands – imagine what they could do!

They are very special. They have wonderful gift that we don’t have. That’s why they deserve to be called as “DIFFABLE”, differently able. They can do things that we can, only in different ways: amazing ways, hard ways, special ways.

So, think twice before you wanna call them: disabled people. It only shows your disability.

14 thoughts on “D-I-F-F-A-B-L-E

    • for this post or “diffable” or “disable”?
      disabled people = orang cacat *nggak suka deh nulisnya*
      diffabled people = orang dengan kebutuhan khusus (karena mereka spesial)
      for this post? help please 🙂

      • So is this blog support diffable to access it?

        for this post? help please 🙂

        Me.., a 453 TOEFL like score … he he…, please deh Mbak 🙂

  1. every people has their own way to live their life.
    it’s their choice whether they want to live with it or not.
    Salute for Barbara!!!! not sure i could if i was in her position.

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