Gita, Ik!

It is always amazing, watching how Gita deals with languages.
She knew only six English words when we arrived in Wollongong. I was soo nervous, for Gita had to visit school in less one week time.
Now, she is able to read books. She can write too. Even, many times she corrects my English hahahahaha!

Last week I brought along Gita, introduced her to my friends from Loenpia Semarang. We visited Pagilaran tea plantation, and stayed there for two days. At the first time she had used mixed language: English and Indonesia. But then something funny happened in second day. We were in outbond area in Pagilaran tea plantation, in a small hut by the small cliff when fog was coming down – suddenly Gita said:

“Wah, kabutnya sudah turun, ik”

It took only two days for her to spontaneously grabbed the semarangans “IK”. Yes, children are remarkable language learners.
And Kopril was happy…


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