I Fall In Love

Do you believe in love at the first sight? I do. Very many factors act in the situation of falling in love from the first sight: the appearance, voices, gestures, smell, and attitude. When you fall in love at the first sight you are usually ready and willing to fall in love. It means we will intuitively searches in the other the qualities to complete ourselves.

But if you suddenly fall in love with quiet unknown person and see that it’s mutual that may mean even that mother-nature has chosen a partner that genetically suits you a lot. In this case it is like “aha, match!”.

Anyway, I am falling in love, and it is EXACTLY love at the first sight given by mother-nature *hahaha, I am blissful*. I fall in love with a good looking, smell good, nice attitude of a place where I am now – writing this post Well, love is a term, which is much more than just physical attraction. It’s about compatibility, understanding, trust and respect – and I feel damn good compatible with it. I give all my trust and respect and understanding to it. Definitely this is not just a lust 🙂

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”


9 thoughts on “I Fall In Love

  1. when i read Mr. Cahya’s comment, suddenly i remembered a song by Savage Garden…

    I knew I loved you before I met you…I tink I dreamed you into live…


    • i know that song. i heart it!
      *i do prepare mp3raid of that song*
      next page i will post it

      *merinding denger lagunya*

      and, also what does “first sight” mean anyway?
      kalau belom pernah ketemu tapi udah tiap hari chat? hahahahaha

    • tapi katanya, you can fall in love with your partner only for the first four years.
      The rest is a hardship of battle

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