Warung Kopi Chek Yuke

I arrived in Aceh on the 3 December. Yes, it was yesterday. I’d never been to Aceh before, so this is my first time in Aceh. I had an intriguing feeling about Aceh.

Yes, Aceh is intriguing. At least, warung kopi is a very provocative vocabulary for my mind. When we talk about “warung” we will imagine a semi-permanent booth/tent at the roadside, where people sell kopi tubruk, but not in Aceh – at least in Banda Aceh. Here, in Aceh, warung kopi is a “wide and big” place in a two-floor building, which is well-equiped with hotspot. Hotspot? Yes, hotspot. You can find hotspot in almost every warung kopi in Aceh. Therefore, you will find different type of visitors/buyers as well. Chek Yuke is one of Aceh’s warung kopis, a place where I did my first kopi darat with my ABC friends *kopi darat di warung kopi! haha* When I came to Chek Yuke warung kopi, I saw a vascinating view: almost visitors brought along their laptops *oh yes, that was realy cool!*

Another interesting fact about Aceh is Aceh Learning Centre, where Aceh people can learn how to use Internet for free. What I meant with free is totally free: free Internet access, free PC, free space, and free training. Could you please tell me place elsewhere to find such of services? Haha! *none, I believe!*

My friends from ABC also told me another awesome fact (and also job), about their restless efforts to introduce writing skill for blogging activities all around Aceh by giving free trainings for teens. The only barier for these teens to keep blogging is lack of computers *sad*. But still, two tumbs up goes for my ABC friends (btw, I am an ABC guy tooo haha). To be honest, this is the first time I feel the fullest to be an Indonesian πŸ™‚

I always have the feeling in these low states that something good is about to happen. That’s when I feel the fullest, the rawest, the closest to myselfNastassja Kinski
Doesn’t mean you are vanished :). It means I am more able to love because I want to – nothing in return I want from you πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Warung Kopi Chek Yuke

  1. I have been to Aceh a couple of times, I regret I didn’t contact the ABC maybe because I was too distracted of the work there.

    But, Cek Yuke.. mm been there around 2-3 times and just not getting it. I mean, sitting very long in a coffee shop every weekend, and in Cek Yuke its kindda dark, was just not a passion of mine. I rather choose Canai Mamak to sit and relax.. πŸ˜€

    • wah. itu aku setuju soal “gelap”
      tapi kalau di atas lumayan terang
      *walaupun tetep, romanticly dull*
      next time i go to Aceh, I will visit Canai Mamak.

      *belum puas tinggal di Aceh huhuhu*

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