KOPI DARAT dan anjing

24 Nov - Papandayan - minus B

*kopi darat means off line meeting or off line gathering or in person meeting. this terms refer to online community, which try to strengthen (or extent?) their social bond by meeting their online friends in “real” world (oh my, what does real world mean anyway???)

last night was my first kopi darat with my Loenpia.Net friends, a blogger community from Semarang (mmhh blogger? *think and check* i am not pretty sure. i would say “online” rather than bloggers. also, “from Semarang”? consider myself as is not from Semarang – i would rather say “in Semarang”). that was my first kopi darat since I’ve owned a blog since almost a year ago (should i say “i am a blogger” or “i have a blog” or “i write a blog” – if you know what i mean).

like when they are online, they were sooo funny and friendly and warmth (believe me, Loenpia.Net is always my sanctuary, as Rheingold said in his book “we know the healing effect of community in terms of individual lives“, then I cannot agree more with him in this case). my first impression had been “they are another Indonesian online community”, which was totally wrong. i would say instead: they are true online community.

someone there told me a story about someone and something *no, I am not going to tell you! hahahaha*, then i realized they have division or border between their online and offline sphere – at least the way they practice chuckles and jokes. who i am to judge since i am not an active member, but i always believe, i should be more careful writing something using online media (or sms, or letter), where written languages speak multi voices and meanings. *if i said “anjing” to you, what would you feel or think? what if it was “ANJING” or “ANJINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” or “anjing” or “ANJING” or “ANJINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!“*.

how ever, i also believe how hard it is to control our anger and emotion. also sometimes it is hard for some of us to see how different it is living cyberspace and living real world – and then mix them up, and carelessly carry our angry and emotion beyond the border between online-offline sphere *i saw more then once*

i give my salutation for them who are highly aware of their cross-over life. i do.
and i believe, (good)friends remain (good)friends. Cyber or not cyber doesn’t count. *grin*

my random thoughts:
* i thank you: Pak Dwi and Mbak Iin and all friends I met last night and all friends i’ve met online almost everyday
** still hope for my second chance to come true
*** miss you!


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