It was maybe almost two years ago, a friend of mine gave several holophonics files. Invented by Hugo Zuccarelli in 1980s, holophonics is the aural equivalent of visual holography. This technology use no processing nor special effect. It is simply recorded (voice) signal, which being sent to our brain and stimulates (or halusinates?) it to interpret voices based on the directions (amplitude?). I think the binaural recording produces illusions, supported by spatial dimension, ambience and emotion, that cause our brain tells our sense to interpret the voice as accurate and real. To get the maximum effect, we need a good quality headphone or earphone (I prefer headphone, it is healthier. I use Sennheiser PX 100 and it is pretty good). Put it on and close the eyes. It helps brain to be stimulated (or halusinated) better 🙂 Amazingly, I get some holophonics files from John P, whose specialization is for Insect!

My favourites are Blowdryer, Lady’s Voice and Cereni. Gita’s favorite is the virtual barbershop. She heard that many times, yet always said: “I can feel the scissor around me!” hahaha. They are fun scary. You can also download holophonics voices from MP3RAID. Use keyword: holophonics. Enjoy!

Even in this initial stage, I don’t want to lose you only because I did something stupid. I am waiting us to grow!


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