Today’s supervision: SO SO

We worked to revise my ethics clearance. I need to get it done as soon as possible.
Then we talked something about my-pain-in-the-ass-methodology, which, potentially can be a good short journal.
*flat yeepee. flat woohoo*
I still have pile of papers to read. Eh, I am surprised for my reading attitude is now getting wayyy better!
That’s why I need pair of glasses.
So, I have Malhotra, Batlikawa, and LaRose to read. I do hope they enjoy my good company.
Please remind me to write application for my homeleave, review, milestone, and questions for interview. Don’t forget to do that monkey too.
Tied up by all the preparation. No. No. No.
I would say: Tied up by live.

By the way, Gita’s birthday will be on the weekend, on Sunday. What should I make?
*think. think. think. think. think*
Cupcake – as her teacher’s request. What kind of cupcake?
*think. think. think. think. think*
Soft vanila cupcake – maybe? What should I buy?
*think. think. think. think. think*
Egg. Flour. Sugar. Sprinkle. Sugar decoration. Where to buy?
*think. think. think. think. think*

I should thank René Descartes for making me REALLY exist!


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