Life is Beautiful: Schopenhauer :)

Roberto: Heru! Heru!
Heru: What is it? What are you doing?
Roberto: Were you sleeping?
Heru: Of course I was.
Roberto: You asked me a question, a minute to go you turned your head and right away you’re sleeping. How did you do that?
Heru: Schopenhauer.
Roberto: Who?
Heru: Schopenhauer says that with willpower, you can do anything. “I am what I want to be.” Right now I want to be someone who is sleeping, so I said over and over “go to sleep, go to sleep” and you know what? It worked.
Roberto: Amazing, it’s so simple. I’ll try. “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep”
Heru: Don’t move your hands. You’re not some kind of a juggler. Take a concentration. It’s serious, plus it takes time. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.
Roberto: Tomorrow. Ok. “You will wake up. You will wake up. Wake up. Wake up. You will wake up. Wake up”
Heru: What you think you are doing?
Roberto: Ooops! Exceptional power!
Heru: What did you say?
Roberto: Schopenhauer. I proof this theory. You were just sleeping and I said to you “wake up”! And Bam! You woke up! I mean, this is incredible, this theory. How does this thing work?
Heru: Obviously, the more you yelled in my ear, the more likely I had to wake up!
Roberto: Oh, you mean I should yell it quieter?
Heru: You should not be yelling at me at all
Robeto: Oh. I am sorry. All right.
Heru: It’s not to be spoken. Just thinking
Roberto: Ah. Ok.


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