Last Friday was my supervision day. Two weeks before that I had contentious thoughts about four things. Computer Self Efficacy Scale. Internet Self Efficacy Scale. Computer Attitudes Scale. Internet Attitudes Scale. I read – maybe – more than 20 articles, and it had not dropped me any hint. I was so stressed. I am not going to research both quantitative and qualitative researches purely. This survey is only for complement, a good one. It needs indeed good rationalization. Amazingly two days before last Friday, my noodles started to work. Gradually I could see the differences and then made sense of everything that had tangled before. Instead of six pages of confusing questionnaire, I then gave up three pages. I am happy now I will only have three pages quetionnaire. I made up my mind. Happy. Grateful. Content.

It’s now the time to play survey monkey! *Well, I know. Monkey cannot survey, and I am not going to survey monkey. Anyway, yes. I will do it, Monkey*

Try this the best joke


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