Something funny with Gita

I just cut my hair, and had a mmhh not pretty satisfying result. The hairdresser was talking to other consumer while cutting my hair. mmpffhh.
So, now I have a damn short hair cut, which to some extent gives me a very low self confidence. Several days after I’d cut my hair – I kept saying this: “Ugh what a terrible hair cut, I look like a man” or “Ugh such a horrible hair cut, I am look weird”.

But then Gita drew me close to her – stared through my eyes saying: “Hey, you look great! You are soooo prettttyyyyy! I am proud you are my mother!”. I replied: “No, I am not. It is tooo short Gita!”. She said: “What’s wrong with you? I’m looking you now and you look so prettyyy. Stop saying that – or I will get very upset!”

I hardly could believe what I’d heard. But yes, she is my heroin :).

Today there was another story.
Whispering, I sang: “I am pretty, oh so pretty..” – Then Gita sang along: “You’re not pretty, so not pretty”..

Well, thank you! 🙂 You always make my day, my beloved child. This song is for you 🙂



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