Writing is for you, you are for you; your body is yours, take it.
I know why you haven’t written. (And why I didn’t write before the age of twenty-seven).
Because writing is at once to high, too great for you, it’s reserved for the great –that is, for great “men”; and it’s “silly”.
Besides, you’ve written a little, but in secret.
And it wasn’t good, because it was secret, and because you punished yourself for writing, because you didn’t go all the way; or because you wrote, irresistibly, as when we would masturbate in secret, not to go further, but to attenuate the tension of it, just to take the edge off.
And then as soon as we come, we go and make ourselves feel guilty – so as to be forgiven; to forget, to bury it until next time.

Write, let no one hold you back, let nothing stop you: not man; not the imbecilic capitalist machinery, in which the publishing houses are the crafty, obsequious relayers of imperatives handed down by an economy that works against us and off our backs; not yourself.
Smug-faced readers, managing editors, and big bosses don’t like the true texts of women – female-sexed texts.
That kind scares them.

Hélène Cixous summer, 1976


16 thoughts on “WRITE!!!

      • Rumahku berkolong langit, pengangguran di setapak angin, hanya duduk bersandar di dahan waktu yang melapuk, dan rantingnya jatuh di atas muram.

        Ah…, aku hanya berjalan tak menentu dan berdendang tak melagu.

      • 🙂 kemarin kepikiran kamu sakit (lagi). walau cuma dijatah setahun sekali – kirain krn lebaran dan dekat natal, jadi ada bonus.

        nggak ding..

        eh, nanti kalau ketemu – aku mau dong dengar “berdendang tak melagu” dan ikutan jadi pengangguran (indeed! i am jobless hehehe)

  1. i had read cixous biography in JP lo, hehehehe

    if female-sexed texts scares all the people you’ve mentioned, what about female magz like gogirl, cosmopolitan etc?

    • ahhh
      female mags are written using the primitive totemic of gender, i suppose?
      doesn’t mean it names: women/girls/females magazine – so they are female-sexed-texts.

  2. No no…, they should only come once in a year, that’s how we made the contract, hue he he 😀

    I have another blog to manage on my “Footnote

    And how could a Doctor of Phylosophy candidate would be a jobless one 😉 You still need to get Gita to school every day, don’t you? Ha ha…

  3. mmh in these running three years i will pretend to be a jobless – hehehe
    *always like that – instead of doing PhD stuffs – i prefer to corrupt my PhD, hehehe*
    ==> mmh no good, i know

    Gita will be in Jakarta with her Uti and Bude *holidays for mom! yay! and pretend like a single *blushed* hahaha*

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