Power from Hobbes to Foucault *hiks*

This morning I began my day reading this book:

Discourses of power: from Hobbes to Foucault
Barry Hindess, 1996. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Ltd.

In Hindess opinion there are – at least – two conceptions of power. The first conception of power has something to do with a capacity to act. The second conception of power deals with a right to act. Hindes argues that power as a capacity to act plays a dominant role in modern Western thought, though it is a very shallow form of power because it is only used as an instrument to dominate the less powerfull party. When we talk about the less and the more powerfull parties, then we are talking about the unequal relationships. According to Mills, the power that creates unequal relationship is a form of irresponsibility that doesnt match with the concept of democracy in western thoughts. The unequal relationship refers to elites that tends to have more power then non elites: “the exercise of power by those elites is not responsible: that is, that they are not accountable to the people in the manner that orthodox Americans notions of democracy would require” (p. 3).

dilanjutkan lagi nanti ya


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