Going UP with Gita

I went to the cinema yesterday with Gita. We watched UP. *I hope you whatched that movie already*

Wollongong’s cinema – Greater Union – includes UP as a PG movie, Parental Guidance movie. Therefore, I suppose UP suits children in Gita’s age. In fact, it is a movie about Carl and Ellie’s longlife love, an overeager Wilderness Explorer Russell, a dodo bird named Kevin (mmh my friend, John said it is a dodo bird hehe), and a dog named Dug with a translating collar. So, look, I am trying to say that there is no worries about pornography or violence there in that movie. I hesitated myself nothing to take Gita to the cinema for UP.

Gita had been fine until it came the scenes about dogs hunted chasing after Kevin, the dodo bird. As another scary scene, it is “dark” scene with a thrilling backsound about pack of vicious dogs, led by Alpha, which has a horribly cruel face, were chasing after Carl, Russell, and Kevin. Dug was supposed to be one of crowds – but he originally was a kind dog – helped Carl, Russell and Kevin to find a way to escape. There is a scene about this situation, where Alpha attacked Dug roughly, clamped Dug’s body between his teeth and bashed him against the rock.

At that time, suddenly – I heard grieving sounds besides me. Gita cried. I asked her what happened, and she said she was scared and wanted to go home. So I took her onto my lap, hugged her whilst she was crying asked for going home. She was totally afraid of that movie.

I realized, I have never let Gita to watch TV programmes or movies, especially those that content violence. She only consumes something fun, beautiful and nice. I’ve been so strict to her in term of media consuming. I’ve been to afraid she will become violent and have destructive aggresive behaviour. Yet, I can see – even for “only” UP movie – she was scared and cried.

Pffff. I feel ashame. Shouldn’t I let her to watch some of violent children movie? Have I been so protective to her? *think, think, think*
Today, 7 October 2009 – I took Gita to my office. She told all my friends about her dislike to that movie: “It’s scary! I don’t like it”. Mmmhh I do realy want to know about what others children think about UP.

I am struggling reading books for my review, suddenly Gita said: BE STRONG AND NEVER GIVE UP. eh?


2 thoughts on “Going UP with Gita

    • I am preparing another writings about UP. hehehehe Indah ya kalau bisa seperti itu – ketemu orang yg tepat sedini mungkin dan bahagia selama mungkin. What a dream!
      Glad you watched it already. BTW, what song? I didnt recognize it (How could I? In the middle of Gita’s grievings ppffff)

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