Look, I need to make a chapter about women, empowerment and media. I did – roughly – define what is women’s empowerment, but then it didn’t satisfy me – especially at the part of power and false counsciousness. I am asking my self, if so – how can feminist scholar empower women, even when they’ve given new definition of power.

During my readings, I found intriguing ideas, especially the terminology of “development agencies”, which is stressed on women’s voice and women’s knowledge. I get knocked out by Marliyn Frye’s idea (1983) of “muted women” – that caused by the (patriarchy) opression, and I feel ashamed when I read the sentence of “women come to believe that she has no voice/opinion of her own” (Rowland in Afshar, 1998 p. 12). Also, I want to know more – why feminist scholars decide to draw on the conception of power from Michael Foucault’s ideas of power. So, today I went downstair to the library – borrowed books about Foucault and his idea of power and knowledge.

The question of power remains a total enigma (Bouchard (ed), 1977 p. 213).


6 thoughts on “POWER

  1. Not only on peculiar subject, but this entire world become enigma by their ownself. Well, I found a lot things hard to swallow by my mind, just like things about understanding woman, he he 😀

      • Sure…, She always saying if I never understand how her feeling, and always make her crying. What a pain to try understanding a single woman 🙂

        Mungkin Desember, karena setiap akhir tahun ada pertemuan seluruh keluarga besar di Bali. Sekalian ngerayain ulang tahun, sekalian Natal-an dan Tahun Baru, lumayan cari THR, he he 😀

  2. hahahhahaa masih apa sudah sih sama si saya itu? hehehehehe
    enaknya aku ketemu kamu kapan ya? di bali apa di jogja? aku ada konferensi di jogja tgl 1-4 desember. tapi, aku juga perlu ke bali untuk mengumpulkan data. kalau ada kamu – lebih enak kayaknya hehehe ada “gate keeper” di bbc
    hahahaaha ==> ketauan belangnya dehhhh

    • Nope…, I’m single and closed door, well as long as I remember, I’m single since long time ago 😀

      Saya kurang tahu, saya orang yang paling susah buat jadwal tetap. Makanya saya sering kali molor 🙂 Namun saya harap saya bisa menyelesaikan banyak hal di sini. Sehingga walau semua proses pendidikan selesai walau belum bisa pelantikan.

      Saya tidak begitu kenal anggota BBC, saya kan member pasif (bahkan super pasif), kalau ke milis cuma buat absen doang. Sama kaya Bli Andi. Yang saya kenal anggotanya cuma Putri saja secara langsung.

      Gate keeper or Gita keeper? He he 😀

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