I am angry. This time is A HUGE ANGER.

My laptop on my desk was still on, when I cooked dinner for Gita and myself. Gita came into the kitchen, asked me: Ibu, what is ef-yu-si-kei. I was so agitated with her question. I asked her, almost yelling how can she get that word. My raising tone frightened Gita, I guess (I’m sory, child). She said she read it on the computer screen.


Rushing I went into my room and I saw a chat log from somebody unknown – swore: ef-yu-si-kei wai-o-yu.

I don’t know who this person is. I hope this person did mistake.
But it is clear, I did mistake by letting my laptop on while Gita was around and I was not there.

3 thoughts on “W-R-A-T-H

  1. It sound like alphabetical …., doesn’t it?

    Well, I think there is a function to look the screen on a computer, for safety 🙂

    Please don’t be anger…

    • marah. krn ada orang yg – entah punya masalah apa – dan ga berpikir siapa yang bisa lihat apa yang dia tulis. marah krn orang ini tidak mau berhenti. marah krn ….

      ppppffff – but anger bring me nowhere, i know.

      ya sudah. ga marah. hahahaha pppffffff

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