What is de-identifying?

I just finished working on my ethical clearance application. It is funy for I’d never given to much attention to my research subjects. I do know that to ask my research subject’s inform consent is a must. But I’ve never realized there are many important elements that I didn’t know. It was nearly to finish my application, when I needed to answer this question: “Will the information be de-identified during collection, use, or disclosure?”.

I couldn’t answer it. I asked my australian friend, who also didn’t get that question (hahahahahahaha). Then I jumped on to the Internet, googled “de-identifying”. I got the answer what does it mean. I am amazed *and speechless*. One of the pointers states that I have to remove: Web Universal Resource Locators (URLs)!

In my previous post about IssueCrawler software, I explained how does this software work: I need to put at least two of URLs to enable this software visualizes links between blogs. Visual network then will display influential users or central participants and also network density.

Well now I have to sign the form, to agree to remove URLs in my research?

HAHAHAHAHA! Gosh! *pesky*

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