God, thank you…

RE: funding‏
From: A, Heidi (*******@fordfoundation.org)
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Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 4: 29 AM
To: Endah Triastuti (et947@uow.edu.au)
Cc: D, Vidha (*******@fordfound.org)

Dear Endah:

I writing to inform you that I will be able to assist with a total amount of USD ****** which will contribute to your field study expenses.

Because this is the end of our fiscal year, I will need for you to send me some more documents in the next day or two. Is that possible?

The narrative you have already send me will be fine. I will need you to send me a breakdown for the USD ****** (we calculate in Rupiah at a rate of Rp.******* per 1 USD) for your travel expenses.

I will also need a short CV and letter of request addressed to me.

When you have completed your research I look forward to inviting you to the Ford Foundation to share the results of your research for a regular group discussion that we hold here. We can talk more about that later.

Best regards,


Ps. Please make sure you cc your response to D. Vidha, Program Assistant for the media program at Ford.


….. dan dada saya rasanya sesak sekali. Entah mau menangis atau tertawa. Tapi saya merasa Tuhan sedang memeluk saya dengan erat dan hangat di pangkuannya – menenangkan hati yang tidak keruan dan memberikan penghiburan.

Tuhan, terimakasih ya.

12 thoughts on “God, thank you…

    • hehehehe you know me very well – yet we’ve never met – even once! gosshhh!
      mas inod, kapan sih domba afrikanyaaaaa????
      gimana si tukang nasi goreng malam2-mu??
      salam ya…

      • hehehehe … domba afrikanya dah pulang. sekolahnya ke wedus gembel dah selesai ..

        mas tukang gorengnya pulang kampung. kata istrinya, “kesah”. Gak tahu maksudnya apa. Mungkin mereka lagi ngambekan. sekarang yang goreng istrinya … mmmm, sekarang jadi nasi goreng yang biasa-biasa saja. [dulu juga biasa-biasa aja sih, cuma udah pas di perut … hihihihi]

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