Siapa mau jadi respondenku?

I am a bit confusing, how to limit and to define my research subject. Thinking positively, I thought I could retrieve my sampling frame from, which content is regional blogger communities. Some of them display their members. But I just realized, some others just don’t display their members. I need plan B. I am going to send email to admins of each blogger community, asking them their members list.

Also, I am sure – there are Indonesia women bloggers who don’t join regional blogger community. *I am using my noodle*. How to find them? I know several amazing women bloggs. Two weeks ago, I listed around four Indonesia women bloggs with stories about their differently-able (diffable) child(ren): Wildan, Sya2, Good day Journal, and Dunia Kita. I am not sure whether these wonderful women join regional blogger communities. Yet I am 100% sure, their stories give power to others women. Their story could be seen as the ordinary story about raising children. For me, their humble love and acknowledgement for their children is heaven. Their stories encourage me, some way.

I wish I could find such women blogs and also could explain reasons for my findings. Should I say: “I just found them”? It sounds so rubish. *using your noodle harder, dear*. I am waiting for winds to blow the hint. Pppffff.

6 thoughts on “Siapa mau jadi respondenku?

  1. sounds great PhD report, mbok. Aku juga mau terbang ke link blog yang di tulis di atas. hehe…
    tengs for great idea ’bout indonesian women bloggs. salam kenal

  2. mbak luh… makasih ya ngasih tau aku artinya “tangkil” kalau nggak, aku benar2 tidak “ngeh”
    terimakasih, aku sekarang mau berkunjung ke blog mu dulu ya

  3. penelitiannya keren banget…. tentang blog wanita hubungannya dengan pengaruhnya terhadap wanita lain atau gimana nih?

    Great idea, sulit ga sih?
    btw, mantabbb…..

    Salam kenal.

  4. hai putri-astiti,
    salam kenal juga. terimakasih ya sudah mampir.
    sulit ga? hahaha awalnya kayak ga sulit.
    tapi setelah bimbingan malah jadi sulit.
    penelitian ini tentang indonesian women’s knowledge sharing lewat blog. seperti ceritamu di blog tentang diskriminasi, sekarang membuatku mengerti dan… speechless. thanks for sharing.

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