Move Forward Onwards

Document bellow is what I presented in my first year proposal review. I’d been lost, somewhere. I was assuming genre in blog is as theme. Only few days before my presentation day, my supervisor warned me. With his “god’s eye view” he saw my mistake.

Then popped out the idea of genre as practice, which I’ve never heard before. This idea is rooted in from the concept of culture as practice. I am still making my patchwork of thingkin, though. This book, Life Writing, helps me to build my argument for “genre as practice”

I am struggling to know what the hell is this “genre in practice”, yet I am very proud of my progress, from someone thas was sooo stupid and knew nothing to someone want to know.

This is my result of eight-months-journey of reading, browsing, discussing, whingying, frustrating, swaring, you mention. I welcome you to critize or to read or to ck-ck-ck – you know. – or to give me input to this reading
Are you sure you’re not bored? Want to keep reading? 🙂 thank you then, you can keep enjoying my reading by clicking Indonesian_women_weblog


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