IssueCrawler, again.

I did my surfing in IssueCrawler and learnt how to use it last night. IssueCrawler is software created by Richard Rogers, a professor from Universiteit Van Amsterdam. The basic idea of IssueCrawler is to display the reconciliation between online and offline interaction. When you put at least two links onto the software, it will provide you with the map.

I use this software for my research about Indonesian women’s blogging networking. I began with the assumption that blogging represents a new media storytelling culture for some Indonesian women. In the storytelling culture women build their own network that empower them one for another. Within network they communicate or interact each other, sharing their knowledge/stories. As in other networks, there must be one or more trusted member(s). They supply valuable knowledge/story to other members and other members trust knowledge/stories/information by, for example, applying information in their daily life.

IssueCrawler helps me to explore at least two issues. First, it provides me map of Indonesian women bloggers network. It informs me how many women bloggers are interacting with one Indonesian woman blogger. Second, it informs me trusted members within the network.


I will use this information to answer several other questions. I can jump onto trusted member’s site and find what information she has shared to other women bloggers. Then I can explore what other women bloggers experience or feel about her information, do they feel empowered by her information? The next step is to interview them, both blog owners and the visitors. I hope I can find evidence about whether the digital story telling culture empower some Indonesian women in their offline lives.


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