My first conference in English :))

I was in Sydney for ICOC (Indonesian Council Open Conference) 2009 to present my (preliminary) research, you know. I was there for two days, when on the first visit I realized how boring my presentation was. It was 36 slides presentation, full with words, citations, theories, etc. I saw how people like the presentation that also entertained them: the presentation with lots of pictures, pictures, musics, lyrics, etc.

So, on that day midnight – I changed my presentation, I turned it into only-19-slides presentation, 11 of them are pictures. I presented more my experiences rather than theory of nonsense. Here, you can enjoy it:


I was so nervous becaus I saw before how Inaya, my bestfriend, presented her research very well with her excellent English. I am so jealouse (Inaya.. maafff). I was surprised when the moderator said before the presentation that my presentation was one of his favorite themes. By the way, he is Adrian Vickers :))) (I am so pleased)

Well, by the way – I finished my presentation with the big claps. Thank you. Now, I have to go back to the reality as my proposal review awaits. Huh. But that’s ok, since I have this clip to entertain me (I highly recomend you to enjoy this movie: Chocolat, 2000)


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