i made up my mind: i stay. it would be hard doing my research without him. he is damn good in this area. he asked me to go this far. he encouraged me to choose the hardest path. yet he walked away from my life. wtf. but life must go on. since from the very begining of my study i’ve realized that my study is all mine, it is my personal project which asks my only commitment, other only come for a little help. they will come and go, and also supervisor(s). but i will keep going and moving and reading and writing and researching. hardship come for reasons like clouds and rain will revives the earth, nourish the life of every being, my life 🙂 he is gone, i am still alive and doing my research yoo hoo


2 thoughts on “CLOUDS AND RAIN

  1. mas inod… kangen….
    patah arang? iya – waktu itu. pembimbingku yang utama pindah. he is the best in his major. tapi sekarang sudah lebih baik kok.

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