Slap and hit and kick and smack

I had many sms that made me speechless.
Yesterday was another breath taking sms, from my co supervisor.
HE is my main supervisor, DM.
I was so speechless, liked someone hit me straight on my face unabled my mouth to move.
Before bed, i received one email from DM, asking for one meeting tomorrow morning.

I went through all night long thinking all the possibilities.

So there I was, sitting in his office with running heart pulses.

He was ready to throw the bomb, which i had predicted last night.


“…… so, i ask you to go with me to melbourne, to move and to continue your study there”

it was unpredictable
it was soundless
it was speechless
it was toughtless

he gave me one week to think.

today i got bonuses, not just hit on my face but also slap, kick, and smack.


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