tiTUT kenTUT

Our daily moment: a short chat before Gita’s bed time.

Today she told me about one of her-always-break-the-rules-friends; about her feeling for that friend.
She asked me, whether I have (a) friend(s).
I nodded, beginning to name my friends: Inaya, Kiki, Hendri, Ibu Nina, …, Thida, Cici Lidya, Robyn, Christine …, Imandi’s mom

Gita: “What is her name?”
Titut: “Indika”
Gita: giggled “What a funny name! Weird!”
Titut: “Do you think so?”
Gita: giggled. “Yes”
Titut: “When I was a kid, I was afraid to introduce my self in the beginning of the school year.”
Gita: “Why?”
Titut: “To introduce yourself, you have to mention your name. I was always afraid, because, my name is tiTUT. My friends always made fun of my name. They always said loudly “What? kenTUT? HA HA HA HA” I hate them for that, I disliked my name at that time.”
== silent ==
Titut: “I was terribly sad at that time, felt ashamed of my name.
== silent ==
Gita: “Did you cry?”
Titut: “No, I was only a bit sad and felt embarrassed.”
Gita: “At that time, who were your parents?”
Titut: **HA?** “Uti and Opa.”
Gita: “What did they do?”
Titut: “Nothing. I’ve never told them , even until now.”
Gita: “Why?”
Titut: “Because I believe they gave Titut as my name with love.”
== silent ==
Gita: “I won’t make fun of other peoples name. It makes them sad”
Titut: “Don’t you think that Titut is a beautiful name?”
Gita: “Yes” **she kissed me**


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