How new technologies teach our children

Today we – I, Miguel and Gita, were playing card.
It was close to my win, miguel did a cheat to get his own win.
I told him he should not do that.
He said: I wanna win!
And I said: You played unfair.
He said: I wanna win!
I said, “yes. It is important to win in a game, but the most important thing is to play fair.”
He insisted to get his win instead of playing fair – and refused to continue game if I did not give him permission to cheat.
Suddenly he said: “It doesnt matter, fair or unfair when I played computer game! The important thing is to win!”

Kid, your enemy-partner is a machine, “who” doesnt care whether you cheat or not, yet only need you to sit and to stare, to stare and to sit, gapping at its screen (I use Dahl’s words in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).


One thought on “How new technologies teach our children

  1. Waw, ternyata bahaya amat yak, mungkin buat orang dewasa jadi ajang eskapisme, tapi kalo sama anak2 jadi ajang pembelajaran, tapi gimana ngontrolnya coba? mao di protek macem apa pasti bakal nemu yang laen

    *berasa udah punya anak aja,hehehe

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