Last night i had stupid disorder, couldn’t sleep.
So i decided to let my self gapping at the screen.

The program was about cyberbullying.
It was about a 17 year old happy teen boy. He was a popular teen in the high school.
One night he went to the teens party with some friends and came home at around 11 pm.
In the morning, his parent found a saying good bye note, had been written before he bridge-jumped to commit suicide.

That note told the sad story from several months beforehand: it described how he had been the receiving end of abusive online messages for months. It was his own bestfriend, who got farred up with him about something. Then his (ex)bestfriend started to send him cruel emails and posted violated stuffs in his social network site, and hoax.

As teenadvice said, cyberbullying is any harassment that occurs via the Internet. Vicious forum posts, name calling in chat rooms, posting fake profiles on web sites, and mean or cruel email messages are all ways of cyberbullying.

The program I watched last night gave a report that in the State, 50 % of young people were being cyber-bullied. Here in Australia, the number of 15% is on the rise.

I agree that all bullying is destructive and evil. But physical bulying is much easier to be supervised. For example when my daughter got bullied, me and the teachers was keeping an eye on her at school. The school has time limit and space limit. She was save at home. The worst scenario would be: staying at home all the time after school.

The most frightening fact is cyber bullying happens behind the screens, it has nothing to do with physical proximity.

Internet age, as many scholars have argued, has brought the advantages to the people. Along with many benefits there are also some savety issues. Internet creates new window (or door?) to our very private spaces. In some degrees, its characthers which are to be timeless, spaceless and virtual are putting our life at risk. In cyber bullying case, no matter how we try to bann someone from the site we are on, there will be chances for that person to get back on using a different name (the side effect of virtuality). And this virtuality enables the bulies to disguise themselves as whatever, like in the case of Honey and Ryan. This side effect of Internet virtuality brings many difficulties to the the police to manage to track the bullies down.

Cyberbullies taunt by using words, voice, and picture to harm their targets psychologically. Parents or teachers cannot find the physical evidence(s) from this violation until the target(s) end in tragedy, and it could be the worst: bullycide.


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