The Tree of Life


Udah dari pertengahan Desember tahun lalu, gue niat banget beli bandul kalung Ohm (bukan Om, tapi ada H ditengahnya). Lalu gue mulai cari bandul itu di Ketemu sih, satu bandul Ohm yg gue suka. Tapi, lalu gue juga nemuin bandul lain yang – entah kenapa – terlihat bagus: TREE OF LIFE.
From that day on, i’ve kept hunting for the story of that TREE OF LIFE. And, that story is realy beautiful. I am very amazed while reading articles and sites about tree of life.

Mythically, the Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual traditions. It symbolizes life itself with its branches reaching for the Heavens “Father Sky” and links to the roots buried in “Mother Earth”. Maybe because of that the tree of life then has become a symbol of love, wisdom, rebirth, strength, redemption, friendship, bounty and encouragement *cihuiiiiii kerennnnnnnn*

Logically, the tree of life deserves that the great adoration. Since trees become one most important source for equilibrium cycle of the Earth and of human’s daily lives.

By planting trees or maybe only not cutting them down, so you may now how high they will grow:

you show your WISDOM by LOVING your children’s future and live.

It means that you let the REBIRTH to be happend, the cycle to be continued.

It means that you let the unity of your STRENGTH with natur’s power.

It means that our children are receiving the REDEMPTION of their future.

It shows your gift to make FRIENDSHIP with your serroundings.

It means that how every human should be very gratitude, whose live being served on the BOUNTY of the nature.

And how we should be thankful because being ENCOURAGED everyday by the NATURE.

Ga usah jauh-jauh kali ya, coba aja kalo kita lagi kepanasan dan kehabisan udara siang-siang. Berdiri di bawah pohon deh, rasanya nyaman banget. Ya kan?? Duh.. gue jadi ngefans berat deh sama pohon..

Ya ampun, pinginnnya gue punya bandul Tree of Life huhuhuhu

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