Me: Dear God, I want a blue blanket.
God: This blue blanket?
Me: No, another blue blanket.
God: This blue?
Me: No.
God: What kind of blue do you want?
Me: The blue that rips my heart out.
God: You don’t see that type of blue around here.
Me: OK.




Asisten atau pembantu (rumah tangga)?


Beberapa waktu yang lalu, ketika saya sedang terburu-buru pulang, seorang teman bertanya: “Kenapa buru-buru?”
Saya menjawab: “Karena anak saya sendirian di rumah”.
Teman saya bertanya: “Oh, nggak punya pengasuh atau asisten?”
Saya jawab: “Saya nggak punya pembantu”.
Teman saya tersenyum dan berkata, “Asisten, bukan pembantu.”
Saya, tersenyum balik, mengatakan: “Nggak, pembantu kok. Bukan asisten.”
Lalu, saya berlalu.

Dalam bahasa Inggris (paling tidak), asisten (rumah tangga) (assistant) memiliki arti:
as·sis·tant [uh-sis-tuhnt]

  1. a person who assists or gives aid and support; helper.
  2. a person who is subordinate to another in rank, function, etc.; one holding a secondary rank in an office or post: He was assistant to the office manager.
  3. something that aids and supplements another.
  4. a faculty member of a college or university who ranks below an instructor and whose responsibilities usually include grading papers, supervising laboratories, and assisting in teaching.

Sementara, pembantu (rumah tangga) (home-helper) memiliki arti:
home-help·er [hohm-hel-per] 

someone who provides part-time or full-time care for a sick or disabled person at home.

Saya ngaku, salah satu sifat saya adalah sok tahu dan keras kepala. Saya kekeh menggunakan kata ‘pembantu’, dan bukan kata ‘asisten’ karena nasihat ayah saya.

Menurut ayah saya, pembantu adalah: orang yang membantu kita. Artinya, pekerjaan apa pun yang mereka bantu – pada dasarnya adalah pekerjaan kita. Jadi, kita adalah penanggung jawab utama pekerjaan itu. Artinya, yang utama yang harus melakukan kerjaan apapun itu adalah: kita. Sementara pembantu bukanlah orang utama yang seharusnya melakukan pekerjaan apapun itu. Tugas mereka adalah melakukan pekerjaan-pekerjaan yang kecil, pritil, dan bukan utama.

Sekarang ini kan orang-orang itu kebalik. Justru pembantu yang melaksanakan pekerjaan utama, sementara kita melakukan sisa kerjaan yang kecil-kecil dan bukan utama“, kata ayah saya.

Jadi, menurut ayah saya – misalnya, kalau kerjaan itu adalah memasak, maka tugas pembantu adalah: mencuci perkakas yang kita gunakan untuk memasak. Tetapi bukan: ke pasar belanja bahan (karena bahan adalah yang utama). Tetapi bukan: mempersiapkan bahan makanan (karena bentuk dan ukuran adalah yang utama). Juga bukan: memasak (karena rasa adalah yang utama). Kalau penampilan masakan adalah yang utama, maka pekerjaan itu bukanlah pekerjaan pembantu, tetapi kita.

Sesederhana itu logika ayah saya.

Kebanyakan dari kita terlalu malas. Sehingga banyak orang menganggap menggunakan kata pembantu adalah merendahkan pekerjaan ini.

Padahal, menurut saya – secara logika, ‘pembantu’ lebih tepat dari kata ‘asisten’. Mereka bukan orang kedua setelah kita kalau dalam urusan rumah tangga. Masih ada suami atau isteri atau anak.

Tapi, tentu saja – logika ini adalah menurut saya (berdasarkan nasehat ayah saya yang saya anggap benar secara logika).


Gambar diambil dari sini, ya.


Lovely classes and students

This semester I am teaching PTIK, Pengantar Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi for a S1 reguler class and a S1 pararel class. I’ve found PTIK is a cool subject. They are lovely, wonderful students.

Today, I just realized how I am growing too with my students, updating our knowledge in ICT.

I began these classes introducing basic concepts in ICT. I started with technological determinism theory. I also introduced them to a notion of Trekology. Then I offered them a view of SCOT, Social Construction of Technology (Theory). I really hope they understand differences between these two different but connected theories.

Then it was a reminder topic that we (yes, all of us) are moving from analog-sphere into digital-sphere. This, then, included explanations about mediamorphosis: a term (by Roger Fidler) that defines how technologies (especially of communication of media) are evolved. This topic, I told them, relates closely to issues of copyright infringement. I closed this process of updating knowledge by introducing them to a notion of Luddites, those who reject being abused by technology.

However, last weeks of these classes I have asked my students to present infographics or pictographs. These charts should inform the technological establishment of particular devices (free choices). They should include discussions of analog-digital transformations, theories, copyrights, and Luddites.

You should come to my class.

They are lovely, lovely students. They presented the technological establishment from interesting industries such as music and games, too. You name it: vocaloid, emulator, dota 2 competition, networked book, and other cool stuffs. I enjoy these classes very much, where I have updated my knowledge (hopefully as much as my students have too). Wonder though, why they do not bring up the topic of digital boyfriend/girlfriend ;)

On top of everything, I bet you are very jealous now of knowing that you’re not in luck like me. I have lovely classes and students this semester. I do really enjoy this experience!




Ingon-ingon, binatang peliharaan, pets.

When I just came back from Australia, I did not want to have pets. I knew I couldn’t afford them: time and money.

Then I found Possum. Life is easier now after I cut his tail. He wears nappy all the time, so he stays clean. He stays inside, with Gita and I. He shares our bed too. Actually, he shares life with us.

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Weeks ago,someone who is very irresponsible returned our dog, Cindy to us. With my situation, I really did not want to have more pets. And with her slobber all over my place, I think that is too much. All I wanted to do after work was having hot shower, read, write, watch, bludge. They are only in my dream. I keep Cindy. Trying hard to love her. I tried to love Possum. It was very hard, but now, I am falling in love with that cat. I think I can fall in love with Cindy too, someday.

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By the way, what I do after work as soon as I am at home is many things. Cleaning the house, cooking, feeding Gita, feeding my ingon-ingon, playing with them and try to love them, unconditionally.

However, for many people – we were all dead tired by the time we had returned home, so we went to bed early and got some much needed rest. It is not the end of the world. Life goes on, and she’s been really good to me anyway


Just saying


Only a short statement.
I am pretty busy here. A (single) parent. A teacher. A worker. A pets owner. A home maker.
I have no nanny, no driver, no gardener, no house-helper.
It is only Gita, Possum the cat, Cindy the dog and I – live in this messy homey house.
I try my best to keep my house tidy and clean (my apologies if the result is not as good as what you do).
Pardon me, before you judge me, could you please try to walk using my shoes.
No body’s perfect. Not me. Not you.

I borrow the pic from here.



Blame it on my boner reminds me that

When you care a lot about something, it often seems harder to attain. The more valuable something is, the more you see it as being coveted by others as well. And if you don’t feel sure of your worth, you may start to think that you might not deserve whatever it is that you want the most. This is not to advise you to care less about a goal of yours. It is more about loosening your grip just a little bit. As you might try to entice a canary to take a seed from your hand, you need to approach your goal with care and concern, but not with anxiety or desperation.